Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pleasure City Hip Parade, October 2010

Number 1 this month: a 22-year-old B-side!
It's time for the Pleasure City Hip Parade! My twenty most-hummed tunes from the previous month, collected together in one place for the delectation and delight of my regular readers.

Like every other site on the 'web, I have random readers that arrive here via searching for key words, and yes, there is a tab on Blogspot that tells the blog author what search terms people have been using when they come to their site. Possibly unsurprisingly, the most-common search term for arrivals at this blog is "The Maladies of Bellafontaine" - what with them being a talented new band that very few other people have written about yet. Of more concern is the second-most common search, which is for South Today weather girl Reham Khan! (Incidentally, Reham was poorly today and couldn't do the weather).

To boost reader numbers, I may start adding hidden random keywords within each article from now on...

Anyway, on with the main item - this month's chart:

1. (10) The Go-Betweens - Wait Until June (I've played a LOT of Go-Betweens this month. This was one of the B-sides to Streets Of Your Town, and is what they call "a lost classic". Well, I've found it again!)
2. (1) Betty and the Werewolves - Should I Go To Glasgow? (She's always been a Celtic fan - any football reference in a song makes my ears prick up)
3. (-) The Maladies of Bellafontaine - Black Biro (Any mention of a string of sausages in a song makes my ears prick up)
4. (-) The Notes - Summer Love (Did I mention that The Notes sound like the exact moment before anything is possible? Don't think I did)
5. (-) Darren Hanlon - House (Wherein Darren returns to his old house, looks inside and sees that everything has changed. This was a recurring dream for me when my parents moved for the first time, so it resonates strongly)
6. (4) The Notes - Dancing Shoes
7. (-) Dum Dum Girls - Stiff Little Fingers
8. (8) Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes - The Rain Fell Down
9. (7) The Maladies of Bellafontaine - Long Socks
10. (-) The Go-Betweens - You Tell Me
11. (-) Rote Kapelle - Preacher Man Aural
12. (11) The Dole - New Wave Love
13. (-) Darren Hanlon - All These Things
14. (-) Navvy - Letters
15. (-) The Notes - Awake
16. (6) Withered Hand - New Dawn
17. (-) Twa Toots - Yo Yo
18. (2) Best Coast - Goodbye
19. (4) Betty and the Werewolves - Purple Eyes
20. (-) The Go-Betweens - Casanova's Last Words

Lemon sprinkles.

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