Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Chick Adventures: Rock It To The Moon

Run, chicky, run!
The Easter chicks were in deep doo-doo. One had been eaten by a raven; the other had narrowly escaped the attentions of a mermaid when the tide rose just in time and swept chicky away to the Arctic. Landing on the desolate shores of Svalbard, the remaining chick was relieved to see a man and his team of huskies sledding over the ice towards her. "Safe at last! They will surely take pity on me and help to put me on the next boat home..."

It was not to be. The dogs were ravenously hungry. Fed up with greasy, rancid fish tails, the Easter chick looked unbelievably fresh and tasty. It was time to run again...
I'm outta here, baby!
It's a little-known fact, but there is a space station on Svalbard manned entirely by cartoon cats. Easter Chick was lucky enough to stumble into a kitty-propelled rocket just as it was about to take off for a trip to the Moon (where the cartoon kitties have set up a cheese-mining operation - another little-known fact). Upon landing, Easter Chick knew immediately that her destiny was to search for rare cheeses beneath the surface of the Moon, where her sharp and inquisitive beak would come in very handy indeed. She still lives there to this day. We have her to thank for the discovery of Roquefort and Derby Blue on our dark and lonesome space-neighbour.

Okay, name those album covers! I'll post the answers in a week or two if nobody gets 'em.

And for those of you who worry about these things, the actor who played Easter Chick One has still not reappeared. Minty is prime suspect and will be questioned by police tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Chick Adventures: Raven, I'm Raven

This cannot be happening! A tragic moment captured on film.
The Easter chicks had set fire to their own home, and had then fallen in with a pair of Hell's Angel Ducklings...

The ducklings had business to attend to, so when the chicks were far enough away from their home town, they were dropped off with a cheery wave. However, the chicks were only small, and were not terribly streetwise, so when a smarmy raven offered to put them up for the night in her mountainside nest of twigs, they stupidly accepted.

They settled down for the night. But after a short while, Easter Chick One was awoken by her brother's screams. The raven was eating him for supper, and there was nothing either of them could do about it. She ran away as fast as her little legs could carry her.
Quickly Easter Chick! Duck down into the shell - pretend you're a hermit crab!
Easter Chick One ended up on a nearby beach, finding a handy shell to hunker down in. She became aware of movement on the rocks above her. She quivered. Goodness me! It was a mermaid, and she looked hungry!

Whatever will happen next?
Oh Minty! How could you?
As before, this is a quiz, so if you know either of the two album covers, leave a comment below.

Addendum: bad news. The Easter chicks are both actors, as you are probably aware. They have been living in my house whilst the filming was going on for these blog posts. However, a couple of nights ago, Minty was seen batting one of the Easter chicks around, and it hasn't been seen since. The suspicion is that Minty may have eaten it. Oh, Minty, how could you?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Easter Chick Adventures: Arson About

Uh-oh, we're in trouble!
The Easter chicks had been left home alone and had been told not to play with matches. But, being a bit dim, they ignored this good advice, and larked around with matches anyway. The unsurprising result can be seen above.

Quick, jump on the handlebars!
The local branch of the Hell's Angel Ducklings helped them to get away on their big chopper, in exchange for a six-pack of Creme Eggs. On the run from the law, their adventures were only just beginning...

The Easter chicks will be posing on, or in front of record covers over the next couple of weeks. If you recognise the covers, have a go at naming them! The top one is a post-punk album from the early days of Rough Trade; the bottom cover is an obscure 12" single from the late 1980s.

Yes, yes, it's a quiz! What did you expect?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Easter Chick Adventures

Easter Chick goes skiing.

A tragic tale will unfold over the next few days. It involves a pair of Easter chicks, left home alone by their parents, whilst they go off on a skiing holiday. The last thing that Papa Easter Chick said to his children before he left was...

"...and whatever you do, DO NOT play with the matches that are carefully locked away in the kitchen drawers! Goodbye children, it is time for us to go skiing..."

Oh dear, whatever will happen next?