Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Chick Adventures: Rock It To The Moon

Run, chicky, run!
The Easter chicks were in deep doo-doo. One had been eaten by a raven; the other had narrowly escaped the attentions of a mermaid when the tide rose just in time and swept chicky away to the Arctic. Landing on the desolate shores of Svalbard, the remaining chick was relieved to see a man and his team of huskies sledding over the ice towards her. "Safe at last! They will surely take pity on me and help to put me on the next boat home..."

It was not to be. The dogs were ravenously hungry. Fed up with greasy, rancid fish tails, the Easter chick looked unbelievably fresh and tasty. It was time to run again...
I'm outta here, baby!
It's a little-known fact, but there is a space station on Svalbard manned entirely by cartoon cats. Easter Chick was lucky enough to stumble into a kitty-propelled rocket just as it was about to take off for a trip to the Moon (where the cartoon kitties have set up a cheese-mining operation - another little-known fact). Upon landing, Easter Chick knew immediately that her destiny was to search for rare cheeses beneath the surface of the Moon, where her sharp and inquisitive beak would come in very handy indeed. She still lives there to this day. We have her to thank for the discovery of Roquefort and Derby Blue on our dark and lonesome space-neighbour.

Okay, name those album covers! I'll post the answers in a week or two if nobody gets 'em.

And for those of you who worry about these things, the actor who played Easter Chick One has still not reappeared. Minty is prime suspect and will be questioned by police tomorrow.


  1. The kitty in a rocket is Beat Happening by Beat Happening!

  2. Quite right!

    The second Easter chick has turned up. Apparently, it had drink and drug problems and has been in a clinic for the last two weeks. Went off without telling anyone! We were all so worried!

    Minty has been released without charge.

  3. Travelogue by The Human League

  4. Correct!

    The Easter chicks have now left town to begin work on their next project (something to do with killer bees, I forget exactly what they told me).