Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cats in the Snow!

As the snow gradually thaws from the south of England, I thought it would be grand to look back at last weekend, with some pictures of cats in the snow!

At the top, it's Tommy running to the back door after relieving himself by the compost heap. This is a rare picture indeed, as I've never seen him run before!

Minty wasn't keen on the snow. Again, this is a post-scraping pose, whizzing through the garden towards the house.

I told my friend Lou that I would be posting these photos, and she kindly sent me some of her cats from last weekend. Above, it's the adorable Nappy, sheltering beneath a snow-laden bush.

Here's Nappy again, creeping gently across the cold cold snow, one paw at a time...

Daisy looks as though she has a snowball on her head! This is, apparently, an optical illusion!

And finally, it's dear old Napkins again, trying to keep dry under a table in his back garden!

That's enough cats in the snow! Something more esoteric next time!