Friday, 22 February 2013

Pointless Bingo!

Latin phrases aren't my strongest suit, and the two I knew have gone, but I'll have a stab in the dark...
Here's a new game you can play with all the family whilst you're watching BBC1's Pointless on a weekday evening! It's called Pointless Bingo, and was invented by my son.

Print out the list of phrases below that are commonly used by the contestants on Pointless. Cut them out and give each of the people watching the programme with you an equal number of phrases. So, if there are two of you watching, take five each; if there are three, take three each, and so on.

Whenever one of the contestants utters one of the phrases, whoever "owns" that phrase calls out "Bingo!" (or "Yay!" or something similar). At the end of the show, count up the number of Bingos from each person watching. Whoever had the most is that episode's winner! Simple!

Here are your cut-out-and-keep Pointless phrases (feel free to add your own if you can think of any more):

  • They took my answer
  • I'll have a stab in the dark
  • It's a complete guess
  • I'm going to play it safe (double points if they play safe and then get the answer wrong!)
  • I'm going to go for a punt
  • I was happy with this subject until I saw the board
  • I did this subject at A level (or university), so I ought to know (double points if they get the answer wrong!)
  • It's before my time
  • There's only one I know
  • This isn't my strongest subject (or suit)
  • The two I knew have gone
  • The other board was better (or, I knew two/three, etc, on the other board)

Good luck and enjoy the game!