Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pop Quiz Number 6: 1988

Be careful, teddies! Tweetypie has a gun!
It's time for another Pop Quiz! Following in the footsteps of the well-received 1981 Quiz, this is another year-themed underground popathon!

Click the PLAY button on the player below. You will hear 15-30 second snatches of ten underground pop songs that were first released in 1988. There are 5 second moments of silence between each part-tune, which is your Thinking Time. You may PAUSE the player during Thinking Time if you wish to do so. Name each song and its performer to score up to 20 points!

I shall post the answers in the comments section in the near future. Good luck!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dandelion Clock Sunshine

This is dandelion clock sunshine.
Whilst I'm getting the next Pop Quiz together - and I've had a request for songs from 1988 - I thought I'd post a few photos of plant life that I took on holiday in Wales over the Easter holidays. They just look nice, that's all.
Dandelion in foreground. Boat trailer behind.
Pretty daisies.
Beautiful primroses.
Gorgeous orchid.
Barbecued crab. Not really - it was already dead!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

A Sneak Preview of the Easter Chicks' New Project

The Easter chicks raced away into the night.
After finishing filming their adventures (and spending a little time recovering from their various addictions), the Easter Chicks left PCA House last week to begin a new project with renowned cat actor, Mr Pusskins. There is a veil of secrecy over the project at the moment, but we have been able to obtain a photo from the film set. It looks as though the Easter Chicks could be in trouble again - Mr Pusskins looks pretty hardcore in the photo. Another disaster adventure looks to be on the cards.

I'm not sure if the critics will be overjoyed with the Easter Chicks. Surely they are in danger of becoming typecast? They may have been better advised to take part in an historical romance or perhaps a screwball comedy for a change? I predict scathing reviews.
More disaster and calamity for the Easter Chicks.
Okay, that's enough Easter chicks for one year! Coming up next will be another Pop Quiz, once again based on a particular year. The only trouble is, I haven't decided which year! Any preferences? Any year from 1978 onwards is doable.