Thursday, 14 April 2011

Easter Chick Adventures: Raven, I'm Raven

This cannot be happening! A tragic moment captured on film.
The Easter chicks had set fire to their own home, and had then fallen in with a pair of Hell's Angel Ducklings...

The ducklings had business to attend to, so when the chicks were far enough away from their home town, they were dropped off with a cheery wave. However, the chicks were only small, and were not terribly streetwise, so when a smarmy raven offered to put them up for the night in her mountainside nest of twigs, they stupidly accepted.

They settled down for the night. But after a short while, Easter Chick One was awoken by her brother's screams. The raven was eating him for supper, and there was nothing either of them could do about it. She ran away as fast as her little legs could carry her.
Quickly Easter Chick! Duck down into the shell - pretend you're a hermit crab!
Easter Chick One ended up on a nearby beach, finding a handy shell to hunker down in. She became aware of movement on the rocks above her. She quivered. Goodness me! It was a mermaid, and she looked hungry!

Whatever will happen next?
Oh Minty! How could you?
As before, this is a quiz, so if you know either of the two album covers, leave a comment below.

Addendum: bad news. The Easter chicks are both actors, as you are probably aware. They have been living in my house whilst the filming was going on for these blog posts. However, a couple of nights ago, Minty was seen batting one of the Easter chicks around, and it hasn't been seen since. The suspicion is that Minty may have eaten it. Oh, Minty, how could you?

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  1. And the answers are...

    The Raven by The Stranglers, and Siren by Roxy Music.