Saturday, 5 February 2011

Badge Quiz 2: Football

The second badge quiz shows six current Football League teams. Annoyingly, numbers three and five turned sideways when I scanned them - and yes, the scan quality isn't great, but come and have a go if you think it's hard enough!



  1. 1 is Watford and 6 is Norwich. Otherwise I'm stumped! 2 and 4 look familiar, though.

  2. You're quite right with 1 and 6.

    The rest are:

    2. Notts County (magpies)
    3. Hudderfield Town (The Terriers - oh, how I wish I'd rescanned the blooming thing with that one and number 5 the right way round!)
    4. Barnsley (featuring Toby Tyke the bulldog)
    5. Oxford United (it's an ox, sideways)

    They all featured living creatures. Why Watford have a moose on their badge when their nickname is The Hornets is anyone's guess.

  3. Yes, why do Watford have a moose? I'd never thought about that before...perhaps they're Elton's favourite animal, or he likes eating Bird's Eye mousse. (Actually, is it because they are from HERTfordshire?) Also Toby the Tyke is very poor and should be put down. I'm sure Barnsley must have had a better badge in the past, (perhaps a barn).

  4. Ah! Notts County, of course! I have a jersey with that crest on it! I knew it was very familiar. Clearly I am not very observant.