Saturday, 5 February 2011

Badge Quiz 1: Music

Two quick quizzes to amuse and/or infuriate you over the weekend.

This first picture shows six button badges, each of which has had the name of the band skilfully blacked-out. Simply name the bands.



  1. 1. Vivian Girls
    2. Hmm... no, I give up!
    3. The Wedding Present
    4. Echo & the Bunnymen
    5. The White Stripes
    6. Beat Happening

  2. Outstanding! I didn't expect anyone to get more than three! I name you Underground Music Pin Badge Expert Of The Year!

    Number 2 is The Fall - the album cover for Grotesque (After the Gramme).

    I'll post the answers to the Football Badge Quiz in a day or two.

  3. Ah, all I could recognise was Beat Happening. I should have known 3 and 4!