Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cat Spotting Part Three: Rompling in Ringwood

Guilty, m'lud! Up to no good in Ringwood.
More cats spotted in Street View.

The one above was in Ringwood on the western edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. It looks like it's been up to no good, nonchalantly padding away from that bowl of flowers there. But then, most cats look guilty when caught on camera, as though they've been doing something they shouldn't have.

Confused and agitated in Shrewsbury.
Either guilty or confused...

This cat, in Shrewsbury, is wondering if she's just got time to cross the road before the bin men come. As it happens, they're not due until Thursday, so she has plenty of time.


  1. An inquisitive kitty watches the Google camera car go by in Livingston, Scotland: miaow! I hope you like that gif, I made it all by myself.

    Not only that, but she'd be a candidate for Cats That Look Like Hitler, too!

  2. That is one excellent gif! Good job!

    And the kitlers are fun, too! I may have to add them to the links on the right.

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