Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cat Spotting Part Five: Which Is Best, East or West?

Leaping up and into the kitchen for some fish pie in Penzance.

Two more cats spotted on Street View, on opposite sides of England. The springy kitty above is arriving home in Penzance, at the south-western extremity of the country. It may be both the most westerly and the most southerly cat on Street View. Having virtually driven around all the roads in Mousehole and seen no cats whatsoever (all inside eating stargazy pie, no doubt), it is quite possible.

Great Yarmouth's daydreaming Monsterpuss.
Cat number two is pretending to be The Beast From The East, as it shuffles along a path in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. However, if this dreamy Monsterpuss wanted to be The Most Easterly Cat In England, it would have to move a few miles to the south and be louche in Lowestoft.

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  1. If this kitty was in Burnt Fen, it could be the lowest cat in the UK. Unless they have cats down coal mines pulling the little trucks.