Friday, 21 January 2011

Pop Quiz Number Five: 1981

Humpty Dumpty climbed up a tree...
It's time for another Pop Quiz! This one is based on a single year, 1981. All the featured songs were first released in that marvellous year for underground sounds, and what's more, all the artists were based in the UK - which cuts down the options a little. Some were SMASH HITS! Others are a tad more obscure.

Press PLAY on the player below. There are ten song intros of between 15 and 30 seconds, with gaps of approximately 5 seconds between each - time in which to PAUSE the player, make a nice cup of tea and reflect on what you've just heard, if you wish to do so.

One point each for the song and artist. A score of 12 or more will make you a POST-PUNK INTELLECTUAL.



  1. 1.
    2.OMD - Maid Of Orleans
    3.Girls At Our Best -
    5.The Cure - Primary
    8.Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
    9.The Fall - Lie Dream of a Casino Soul

    (wot, no Echo & The Bunnymen?!)

  2. Good work Tom! All those answers are right! I'll give other people a chance to answer, then I'll post all ten answers in a few days.

    As for Echo & the Bunnys...I had 27 songs lined up for this - they just missed out on the last ten. However, I like this format, so they may well feature if I do 1980 next time (or 1983 or 1984)

  3. 1. -
    2. -
    3. Girls At Our Best! - Too Big For Your Boots
    4. -
    5. The Cure - Primary
    6. -
    7. -
    8. Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
    9. The Fall - ?
    10. Scars - All About You

  4. It's a draw! 9-9! I added some really tough ones to this quiz on purpose - well done to both of you on getting the Soft Cell song, and the Scars tune is pretty obscure! I wanted to call this blog Too Big For Your Boots, but the name was already taken, hence the alternative Girls At Our Best! reference (Pleasure City Avenue is a lyric from their song Pleasure).


    1. Procession - New Order
    2. Maid of Orleans - OMD (surely the weirdest-ever intro for a number 2 chart hit?)
    3. Too Big For Your Boots - Girls At Our Best!
    4. Ice Age - Joy Division (Ian Curtis died the year before, but this song wasn't released until 1981 - from the Still LP)
    5. Primary - The Cure
    6. Work - Blue Orchids
    7. Dead Pop Stars - Altered Images
    8. Sex Dwarf - Soft Cell
    9. Lie Dream of a Casino Soul - The Fall
    10. All About You - Scars

    I may well do 1980 next...listen out for the Echo & the Bunnymen track!

  5. I spotted Joy Division, but thought OMD was "Joan of Arc"!