Sunday, 16 May 2010

Tommy's Cat Food Quiz

Tommy has just woken up after a long day asleep in a bowl in the bath. He has dreamt up a cat food quiz for us. Translate the following flavours from packets of Felix (naming the language is optional):

1. Con Buey

2. Au Colin
3. Mit Lamm
4. Med Vildt
5. Med Kyckling
6. Sisältää Sardiinia
7. Met Tonijn
8. Mit der Maus (are you sure about this one, Big T?)

Tommy will post the answers in the Comments in a week or so (if he remembers).


  1. Ooh! A quiz!

    1. Con Buey - with beef
    2. Au Colin - with cauliflower
    3. Mit Lamm - with lamb
    4. Med Vildt - with wildebeest
    5. Med Kyckling - with cakelings (little cakes)
    6. Sisältää Sardiinia - salty sardines
    7. Met Tonijn - with tuna
    8. Mit der Maus - squeeeeeak!

    Did Tubbs do right?

  2. As an aside, why is it that my cats will turn their noses up at a flavour of Whiskas that only two days before, they gobbled with great gusto? Also, why have they started putting carrots and peas in cat food? I can only assume cats now need their five-a-day, too. My moggies artfully eat round the peas.

  3. Tommy prefers your answers to the real ones! If a cat could laugh, he would! He particularly likes the sound of Wildebeest Whiskas!

    Tommy and Minty both leave their peas too. They go all brown and hard. I never know what to do with them - I usually end up flicking them into the bin with my forefinger, Subbuteo-style. I'm sure I occasionally miss, so that there's a little pile of brown peas hidden behind the bin.