Monday, 17 May 2010

Dance Critters at the FA Cup Final

I went to the FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium last Saturday. As a Portsmouth fan, it was my second visit in three years for the end-of-season football showpiece, and probably the last time I'll ever go there to watch my team, as they head for the gutters.

It's a big place, full of big noise - and not just us fans laughing at Saloman Kalou's hilarious first half miss. There's also the big noise of the public address system. The stadium deejay "treated" us to some very very loud Florence + The Machine, Paulo Nutini, Pixie Lott...oh, deep joy. He also played the two sets of fans a "special" song each: firstly Chelsea had something that sounded like The Small Faces, but was probably some hapless major-label indie band; then he played us Pompey fans...nope, not Mike Oldfield's jolly sailor tune Portsmouth...but Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out. It's an okay tune and all that, but the looks of bemusement all around me said it all. Pompey's special tune? Nah.

The song I had going around my head all day was Dance Critters by The Colorblind James Experience (no jokes at the expense of goalkeeper David James's bright pink kit here, please!).

'Tis funny how irrelevant tunes swim around at random.

Pictured is Chuck Cuminale, aka Colorblind James. The first album by his band is a highly recommended toe-tapping mix of country-allsorts with some memorable lyrics. Read all about them on the linked blog.


  1. Portsmouth! I used to play that tune on the recorder.

  2. Did you dance around like the girls in the video whilst you were playing?