Monday, 5 April 2010

Tweecore Tommy: The Melons

Resident indiepop expert, Tweecore Tommy (pictured, left) has been searching through my list of free downloads on Last fm, searching for rarely-heard gems. He thinks he may have found one, in the shape of The Melons song, Strictly Melonhead.

"Cheap keyboards, synthetic handclaps, cheeky lyrics, sung by hard-drinking party girls - ex-members of Fat Tulips...yes please!" Tommy purred. "If I was human, I'd say it was just my cup of tea, but as I'm a cat, I'll say it's just my puddle of fetid rainwater*".

*This is a good thing. Other free downloads by The Melons are available - Fire Engine Girl is particularly recommended.

1 comment:

  1. News just in...

    The Melons and Fat Tulips have deleted all their songs from Last fm. Therefore, the free downloads are no longer available from there.