Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Nintendo Zoo Keeper Quotes

As Jonathan Richman might have said: "I like this game; I like it a lot" (in the unlikely event of Jonathan preferring Nintendo to Dodge Veg-o-matics).

So, Zoo Keeper...

You round up escaped animals, trying to score as many points as you can. At the end of the game, the zoo keeper (he's supposed to be your father) waves a cigar at you and makes a comment (presumably translated direct from the original Japanese). Sometimes these comments are kind, at other times soul-destroying, but more often than not, highly amusing.

This post collects together ninety-three of Zoo Keeper's sayings (in alphabetical order - it was already such a sad thing to do, I decided to make it even more sad by alphabeticising them all). If you come across this post and have knowledge of more sayings, feel free to add them in the comments box! Thank you!
  1. ...
  2. 78 points?
  3. A monkey would be better than you
  4. Are you enjoying your youth?
  5. Best of Zoo Keepers
  6. Borderline
  7. Can I cut your pay?
  8. Can I give you a raise?
  9. Cheers to you and thanks to me
  10. Don't go anywhere
  11. Do you eat regularly?
  12. Do you have someone special?
  13. Do you need a vacation?
  14. Do you need an energy drink?
  15. Do you want to grab a drink after this?
  16. Fabulous! You are the hero!
  17. Fight!
  18. Finally, you have matured
  19. Follow me for the rest of your life!
  20. Give way to a cleaning lady
  21. Glory!
  22. Go and wash your face
  23. Go back to training for a while
  24. Grrrreat!
  25. Having a lot of drive is not enough
  26. Honestly, I am shocked
  27. How much of raise do you need?
  28. Humph
  29. I am impressed. I have tears in my eyes
  30. I am not playing
  31. I am pretty satisfied
  32. I am proud of you
  33. I am too nice today
  34. I don't think you can do it
  35. I don't want to see your face
  36. I know how to train people
  37. I know what to look for in people
  38. I'll put you on the cover of our brochure
  39. I love you
  40. I'm changing my opinion of you a little bit
  41. I'm extending your contract
  42. I think it's okay
  43. It's all down to your talent
  44. I think you'll make a name
  45. I want you to follow in my footsteps
  46. I will put a picture of you on the wall
  47. Jump sideways repeatedly until night falls
  48. Just try to give me some hope
  49. Late, late, you are too late!
  50. Let me go crazy
  51. Let's be loud!
  52. Let's put a picture of you on the wall
  53. My expectations of you are getting higher
  54. Not even in my league
  55. Oh! Unbelievable!
  56. Out of the question
  57. Put your bronze statue next to mine.
  58. Regaining your power!
  59. Rub yourself down with a dry towel at the pond
  60. Start with the small things
  61. Stay in your room and take a good look at yourself
  62. This is godlike
  63. Today's lunch is three slice of pickled radish
  64. Well, hmm, ho-hum
  65. What a neglect!
  66. What do you want?
  67. When I was young I was better
  68. Where are you from?
  69. You are a curator.
  70. You are a legend in this zoo
  71. You are a mainliner
  72. You are a professional
  73. You are barely forgiven
  74. You are definitely rejected!
  75. You are growing a little bit
  76. You are miserable
  77. You are missing something
  78. You are nothing but average
  79. You are shining today
  80. You are the man I counted on
  81. You came this far because of me
  82. You can do it when you feel like it
  83. You dress the part but you can't do the job
  84. You'll be a history soon
  85. You'll polish my shoes from tomorrow
  86. You'll work for a week without pay
  87. You make a poor show no matter how old you are
  88. You must be blind
  89. You're better than me!
  90. You remind me of my early days
  91. Your face is now shining with pleasure
  92. Your time begins
  93. You will not be paid this month!

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