Monday, 15 March 2010

A shopping list

Whenever out shopping at one of the great satanic supermarkets, I look out for discarded shopping lists. I pick them up and take them home to mull over. "Who would write a list like this?" I ponder to myself over a nice cup of tea.

Shown on the left is a recent example, taken from the supermarket, which, if they were represented by a Subbuteo team in the colours of their disposable bags, would be number 13 (and not number 3, whom I try to avoid, on account of them eating up the world at a more alarming rate than their rivals).

Anyway, the list illustrated is one of the more interesting examples of the art. For those of you who have trouble reading it, the list contains the following:

Frozen (? - not sure about this one)
Loo/drain unblock

Milk and bread are two of the more common list items - no I Spy points for spotting them! Big points though for mussels, plunger, loo/drain unblock and (especially) obelisk! What on earth is Obelisk? And can you really buy one in the orange-bagged supermarket?

From the style of handwriting, I'm going to suggest the list writer was an older man - just a hunch. I wonder what he had for dinner that evening, and when was he planning on unblocking his loo? A mussel and apple sandwich, washed down with weak beer? Anyone?

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