Friday, 19 August 2011

Holiday Snaps

A 2CV parked at a crazy angle in Douarnenez.
Here's a few holiday snaps from my recent trip to France. Of mild interest to those of my friends and family who visit here. For my other visitors, I'll get back to the flights of fancy shortly.
Breakfast time in France.
Breakfast usually consisted of a croissant and a bowl of cereals. The cereals shown above were Miel Pops (France's answer to Golden Nuggets) and Smacks (they'd be Sugar Puffs).
A lizard.
Lots of lizards in France. In fact, Brittany was just like Cornwall, but with extra lizards.
Our Lady of Shipwrecked Sailors, Pointe du Raz.
Large statue at Pointe du Raz, France's equivalent of Land's End. I coloured her in so that she looks like she could join in the fun on New Order's Technique album cover.
Coming home.
Nice sunset approaching the Isle of Wight on Saturday night. You can just about see the island on the horizon if you look very carefully.

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