Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Saddest Toy

Nature tries to win again! But it's futile.
There's a footpath near where I work that some people use as a flytip - only for the first fifty yards or so - they're too lazy to walk any further. This footpath is strewn with old toys, which I find so sad. The typewriter in the photo would have been such a lovely Christmas present, boxed and wrapped in shiny paper, but I suppose its owner has grown up now and forgotten she ever played with it. When its useful life was over, it didn't get put in the bin to be thrown out with the weekly rubbish collection - it just got chucked away in some woodland to rot away - but of course, it will take many thousands of years for this toy to disappear. It will outlast the surrounding trees and houses.

So sad on so many levels.

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